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Pealkiri: Audi A3 Clubsport quattro (Vastuseid: 6 | Vaatamisi: 10336)

Registreerunud 09.02.08
Asukoht: Eesti Vabariik
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Auto: Superb 2018

postitati 15.05.14 11:20 Tsiteeri
Audi A3 Clubsport quattro

Audi avalikustas A3 clubsport quattro ideeauto.

Harcore kontseptauto baseerub S3 sedaanil, kuid neljasilindrilise 2,0-liitrise TFSI asemel(300 hj), on mudelile paigaldatud RS Q3-lt pärit viiesilindriline 2,5-liitrine TFSI. Kuigi linnamaasturil arendab jõuallikas 310 hj, siis ideeauto jaoks on sellest välja pigistatud 525 hj ja 600 Nm pöördemomenti.

Audi A3 clubsport quattro kaalub kõigest 1527 kg ning sellist massi suudetakse nullist sajani kiirendada kõigest 3,6 sekundiga. Lisavõimsuse saamiseks paigaldati suurem turbo ja vahejahuti. Jõud kantakse ratastele läbi seitsmekäigulise S tronic automaatkasti ning quattro nelikveo süsteemi.

Võrreldes S3 sedaaniga, on mudel saanud sportlikuma vedrustuse, mis on kliirensit vähendanud 10mm võrra. Lisaks on paigaldatud 21-tollised veljed ning karbonkeraamilised pidurikettad.

Hetkel ei ole plaane ideeuautot tootmisse lasta, kuid see võib olla Audi viis ütlemaks, et viiesilindriline TFSI leiab tee uue RS3 kapoti alla.


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Registreerunud 16.11.11
Asukoht: Tartu-Espoo
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Auto: A4 3.0TDI 233kw Quattro B8

postitati 16.05.14 09:24 Tsiteeri

Päris viisakas asi!

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Registreerunud 07.09.08
Asukoht: Tallinn
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Auto: M140i xDrive

postitati 16.05.14 09:42 Tsiteeri

Algselt postitas: jokerAudi
see võib olla Audi viis ütlemaks, et viiesilindriline TFSI leiab tee uue RS3 kapoti alla.

Tundub, et kahjuks seda siiski ei juhtu..


Toimetaja ei tundu muidugi eriti pädev olevat, lisatud on 8P kerega RS3 spy video, mitte 8V.

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Registreerunud 28.01.03
Asukoht: Eesti Vabariik
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postitati 02.07.14 15:14 Tsiteeri
Top Gear drives the 520bhp Audi A3

Top Gear drives the 520bhp Audi A3
0-62mph in 3.6 seconds? Count us interested. And just a little bit terrified by the mad Clubsport Quattro
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What is it?

It might look like a mildly enraged A3 saloon with big, kerbable, fancy alloy wheels and some deft detailing. But it's not. This is the A3 Clubsport Quattro, and it's Audi's Crystal Ball of RS. It's also bloody mad.

You mentioned RS. I'm interested.

Thought you might be. It's the A3 Clubsport Quattro concept, built for the enthusiastic crowd of the annual Worthersee tuning event, and packing so many horsepowers you wonder if Audi has any left to spare for its other cars.

How many horsepowers?

520bhp. In any sane universe, a small, Audi saloon with nearly as much power as a V10 R8 supercar surely signals the collapse of civilisation and the coming of the Four Horsemen. And yet in this application, it sort of works.

Before we get to that, some technical information. Under all the paint and bling, this is the new A3 saloon, which means the new MQB platform and all the weight-saving goodness that brings with it. Into this chassis is fitted Audi's venerable and now five-time International Engine of the Year winner (in the 2.0-litre to 2.5-litre class) 2.5-litre turbo. Then, it all goes a bit Looney Tunes.

Though at heart the same engine you'll find in the Audi RS Q3, here it gets a much larger turbocharger with the capacity to pump out 1.5 bar of boost, a better, modified intercooler, a modified camshaft, a new intake and exhaust system and remapped ECU. Mention is made of the firing sequence - 1-2-4-5-3 - which gives the engine that distinctive RS snarl, and it's been hooked up to a seven-speed dual clutch gearbox and quattro all-wheel-drive. Obviously.

So is it fast?

You're better off asking what flavour you prefer your windows. The car has a specific output of 208bhp per litre, pushes out an impressive 443lb ft of torque, and because it weighs just 1527kg, boasts a power to weight ratio of 339bhp per tonne.

0-62mph? You're looking at 3.6 seconds, which makes it faster than the RS6. Top speed? 192mph. One hundred and ninety two miles per hour in a car a whisker fatter than a VW Golf.

So what's it like?

Our time was limited to a few hot laps and some standing-start bursts of acceleration, so it all came in a blur. Plus we had the head of Quattro on board too - Heinz Hollerweger - so the impetus to not end up in a tree with a senior Audi director on board was paramount.

From a standstill, you bury your right foot on the Clubsport's throttle and wait for everything to spool up and hook together. There's nothing. Then nothing. Then a little more nothing. Then, around 2,300rpm, everything goes ballistic. That monster turbo wakes up and punts you down the road with such savagery, you need to keep a steady eye on your surroundings. Lest you become part of them.

It's a laggy thing, in a magnificently old-school way. And we kind of admire its honesty. Big turbo, big power, lots of lag, lots of speed. As expected, keep the revs in the cooking zone - between 2,300rpm and 6,000rpm - and you'll experience an addictive and impressive turn of pace.

It sounds magnificent too; a snarly, hard-edged metallic noise that evokes enough ancient RS memory to confirm its bloodline. Sounds better on the outside than in, mind. In fact, inside, it doesn't shake and vibrate and threaten to break free from the chassis, as a concept really should. There's some noise, and then lots of speed. It just feels incredibly well bolted together.

What about its handling?

A few laps aren't enough to exploit this A3's potential, but it's very much a point-and-squirt kind of car. As long as you're in the right rev range, this thing accelerates out of bends with spite. The steering feels commendably hefty (you'll still want to feel something more, though), and turns in sharply and cleanly enough.

It's even possible to get that back end moving, which makes the Clubsport actually a bit of fun to properly throw around. Weight distribution is 57:43 front to rear.

Obviously, on a buttery smooth test track, the ride's harshness was impossible to tell, but 21-inch wheels, a 10mm drop in ride height and racing coilover suspension would suggest the need to exercise caution over distressed tarmac.

The brakes, meanwhile - huge 370mm ceramics up front - are immense. Get them up to temp and you can absolutely stamp on them to your heart's content.

And it looks good, right?

Agreed. Those flared arches - a la RS4 - and bolstered CFRP side sills give it a bruiser's touch. Then there are the silver mirrors, front and rear diffusers (for better airflow), that rear spoiler that doubles as a functioning air-brake (when travelling at speeds over 50mph), single-frame front grille, and round fuel cover. Inside it's pure A3, which is to say, wonderfully finished with a bulletproof dash and instruments.

Can I buy one?

Well, as we told you yesterday, this could be more than fantasy concept fluff. Depending on how the US and China respond, we could see an RS3 saloon by early 2016.

Audi's Quattro boss told that the Clubsport Quattro was an experiment to see how those markets took the small, RS saloon. Obviously it will never hit production with 520bhp - that was just a test of the engine's absolute limit - but over 360bhp? Much more manageable. And if it can retain that snarl, make more of a racket inside and ensure the ride isn't bone-breaking, we're interested...

torque addict / in the real world four wheel drive means safety and traction
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Registreerunud 13.12.11
Asukoht: Ida-Virumaa
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Auto: C6 S-line 3,0TDI Quattro

postitati 02.07.14 18:10 Tsiteeri

Algselt postitas: AronL
Algselt postitas: jokerAudi
see võib olla Audi viis ütlemaks, et viiesilindriline TFSI leiab tee uue RS3 kapoti alla.

Tundub, et kahjuks seda siiski ei juhtu..


Toimetaja ei tundu muidugi eriti pädev olevat, lisatud on 8P kerega RS3 spy video, mitte 8V.

Südamerahustuseks. Siin 8v ja heli ütleb kõik.

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Registreerunud 26.05.05
Asukoht: Viimsi
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postitati 07.08.14 21:27 Tsiteeri

Lõpuks ometi üks ilus Audi nende nõmedate maasturihakatiste vahele, mille omanikud talvekuudel kord nädalas enda ees köit ja vana head Lääne-Saksamaa q-sedaani peavad nägema. Läheks ta siis ainult tootmisse ja loodetavasti ikka sisepõlemismootoriga, mitte mingi ämbriga, millesse paraku lisaks teistele ka Porsche ja BMW tänaseks astunud on. Kiirendus ka lõpuks ometi mõistlikuks saadud. Velgede osas tuleks muidugi sõna-otseses-mõttes kaikaid kodaratesse loopida ja loota, et lõpuks saadakse sellest black-and-chrome-teemast üle, muidu näevad need välja nagu Slava poolt toidupoest ostetud vidinatega tuunitud Mercedes-Bensi omad (ja justnimelt sellise sõnakooslusega reklaamib ettevõte "Alvadi" MB varuosi, nagu võib jälgida telekanalis "7"). Niisiis kõik ei ole veel kadunud, kuigi aega kulus tugevalt üle 20 aasta. Kui ei lähe tootmisse, siis tuleks neil ikka need vana hea typ-85 plekistantsid kuskilt välja kaevata, et kunagiste ilusate Audide loojad kord kvartalis oma hauas külge keerama ei peaks.

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Registreerunud 28.01.07
Asukoht: Eesti
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Auto: 220v

postitati 08.08.14 07:56 Tsiteeri

Selle välimuse tagant sellise hääle kuulmine on pehmelt öeldes uskumatu. Kui tootmisse läheb ja nurgatagant kiirendab, siis ootad kohe ju AudiTeami või Ivo't või Jürarrakut vms. :D Aga tuleb hoopis tuliuue kerega auto.

Su hobiauto on talvel õues? Too ta meile! HobiHoid
There’s no additional lag, you just apply throttle and the engine note deepens, the rear end squats and then you’re much further up the road, probably arriving at the next corner wishing you’d specified the carbon ceramic brakes.
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