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Registreerunud 17.03.11
Asukoht: Finland
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postitati 15.11.19 12:07 Tsiteeri

Weekend offer: RVS treatments -15%

We were put the RVS products in -15% discount for this weekend! With RVS treatments you can overhaul worn out engines, transmissions, differentials and power steerings easily.

RVS is a proven nanotechnology that allows sliding and extremely durable triboceramic surface in parts of engines and transmissions. Engines or transmissions condition improves right away and it is also protected from future wear. The RVS treatment will last 100,000km, so the price does not end up too bad in proportion to the benefits obtained.

RVS treatments can be found for all applications such as engines, transmissions, differentials, injection pumps and powersteering. We keep the most sellest RVS products always in stock such as diesel and petrol engine treatments, of course we will order more whenever needed. During Finnish Posti strike/walkout, we recommend to use other shipping options like Matkahuolto and DBSchenker inside of Finland.

RVS in our webshop with -15% discount:
»» RVS treatments

Invoice options at
Collector: up to 60 days of intrerest fee free payment time. 2.95€ invoice fee. Available online.
Jousto: 14 days payment time, 2.90€ invoice fee. Available online.
Mash: atleast 14 days payment time, no fees. Available in store.
All payment types can be changed into part payment. More info about payment types: Payment types

Have a great weekend!

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Registreerunud 17.03.11
Asukoht: Finland
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postitati 22.11.19 12:51 Tsiteeri

We have a store and opening hours

Many of you knows, but we have a real store with real opening hours here in Pornainen. Especially now when Finnish Posti is on a strike, pickups from here has been very popular :) And that is actually very nice!

Here we have a wide range of most popular products, we want that they are available always quickly and that its possible to pickup them from our store at anytime. Most of the stock products are performance parts, but we also has a universal equipments like exhaust gaskets, flanges and installation accessories for them.

Here is our opening hours:
MON-WED: 9-17
THU: 10-18
FRI: 10-15.30
Webshop serves 24/7, always.

From webshop you can also see that is the product in our stock here. Especially now, when we have sold stock items a lot, we recommend to call us before pickup as its good to make sure that the product is really in our shelf. They usually always is, but if the previous customer has buy them all or our math fails it is not nice to sell "nothing" to the next pickup customer.

Posti strike
Finnish Posti has a strike at the moment and it affects at least to the delivery times, so we recommend to use other shipping methods during this time. Alternative we do ship with Matkahuolto or DBSchenker for example. Shipments to the other countries inside or outside of EU via UPS, DHL etc. works normally :)

Send as an part inquiry if you like:
»» Part inquiry

Have a great weekend!
- Riku / Race.Fi

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