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Pealkiri: M: A6 C5 Avant Quattro 2.5L TDI 132kw ATM. 2002a (Vastuseid: 0 | Vaatamisi: 25)

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postitati 09.12.23 16:05 / uuendati 09.12.23 16:05
M: A6 C5 Avant Quattro 2.5L TDI 132kw ATM. 2002a

Müüa mõnus A6, palju lisasid.. 4x el aken + kat.luuk, kliima, Bose sound, ekraani makk, cd box, 4x istme soojad, 2x el. mälu iste. püsikas, mf. rool, klapitavad peeglid, PAKETT KLAASID, teisaldatav konks, xenon, 17" velg ja talvekad all. värsked pidurid, eelsüüte küünlad, igapäevases kasutuses, sõidab ja toimib. Sisu korralik ja puhas. vigadest võiks välja tuua juhipoolse esitiiva mille äär suht õnnetu. Igati hea ja aus auto, et talvele vastu minna. Müügiks vaid kuna teine huvipakkuv auto silmapiiril.

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0DS Vehicle class differentiation powertrains/platform parts: Vehicle class differentiation -4B0-
0F3 Fuel systems: Fuel system for diesel engine
0G7 Transmission types/gear shift mechanisms: tiptronic
0GE Emission standard: Emission standard EU3
0JL Weight category for front axle: Weight category front axle weight range 11
0LW Safety certificates: With special labels safety certificates for Germany
0N5 Rear axle: Standard rear axle
0ST Special labels: Labels in German and French
0VC Owner's manuals: Information kit in German, -20211231
0W1 Label for central electric system: Label for central electric system German-speaking countries
0YS Weight category for rear axle: Weight range 17 installation control only, no requirement forecast
1BV Shock absorption/suspension system: Sports suspension/shock absorption
1C1 Antifreeze agent: Antifreeze up to -25 degree Celsius tolerance up to -30 degree C
1D2 Trailer hitch: Trailer hitch, removable and lockable
1E0 Activated carbon canister/gasoline particulate filter: Without activated carbon canister
1EX Identification labels: Special identification plate for EU, -20081231
1G3 Spare wheel/breakdown kit: Alloy spare wheel with original equipment tires
1KD Rear brakes: Disc brakes in rear
1LT Front brakes: Disc brakes in front
1N3 Steering system: Speed-related variable steering assist (Servotronic)
1PC Lockable wheel bolts: Wheel bolts with anti-theft protection (unlockable)
1SA Front-end underbody cladding: Without additional front underbody guard
1T3 First aid kit/warning triangle: First aid kit with warning triangle
1VH Installation parts for engines (engine mount system): Installation parts for six-cylinder engine
1WD Transmission drive flanges: Transmission shaft for tripod joints
1X1 Drive type: Four-wheel drive
1YD Transmission drive flanges for rear axle: Transmission shafts for rear axle, diameter 108
1Z6 Fuel filling volume: Increase in initial standard fuel filling
2A4 Delivery equipment: Delivery equipment for shipment (transit coating) with thick seat cover
2B1 Sound insulation measures for outside noises: additional noise dampener, -20181231
2C7 Steering column systems: Safety steering column with electric axial and tilt adjustment
2G0 Tank filler neck for unleaded fuel/fuel type: Without insert for the filling up of fuel
2T1 2-DIN/dual-view display: With 2-DIN
2WA Additional tires (snow tires): without spare tyre, -20181231
2Z0 Type signs: Elimination of model designation
2ZS steering wheels: Leather-wrapped multi-function steering wheel with tiptronic
3B0 Additional child seat anchorage: Without additional child seat anchors
3C7 Center seat belts in rear: 3-point seat belt for center rear seat, -20161231
3CB Partition: Removable net partition
3FR Roof insert/convertible top: Powered tilting and sliding sunroof, solar, with automatic preselection
3GD Luggage/load compartment floor in rear: Plane luggage/load compartment floor in rear
3HA Leather parts: Without leather parts scope
3NZ Rear seats: Rear bench seat, not split, split backrest, folding, -20161231
3PN Seat adjustment: Power seat adjustment for both front seats with memory feature
3Q6 Head restraints in rear: 3 rear head restraints
3S2 Roof rails/roof rack: Black roof rails
3V0 Child bench: without child bench seat, -20121231
3X1 Load-through hatch/ski bag: Load-through hatch with ski bag
3Y0 Sun blind for rear/side windows: without roller blind, -20181231
4A4 seat heater: Seat heater for front and rear seats separately controlled
4E0 Closing/opening mechanism tailgate/trunk lid/rear gate: Tailgate/trunk lid unlocking from outside
4GK Windshield: Insulating glass windshield with sunshield
4K4 Door and tailgate/trunk lid locking mechanism: Central locking w/ radio remote control, 20020101-
4KR Side and rear windows: Side windows with insulating glass, rear window with heat-reflecting glass
4L6 Breakaway interior rearview mirror: Breakaway interior rearview mirror, auto-dimming
4N0 Instrument panel: Standard dashboard (Leather trimmed minor gauges + Ipod drawer), -20161231
4UE Airbag: Airbag for driver and front passenger, -20181231
4W0 Cassette/CD storage compartment: without cassette / CD tray, -20181231
4X4 Side airbag: Side airbag in front and rear with curtain airbag
4ZE Decorative trims: Black decorative trims
5A5 Luggage compartment trim: Luggage compartment trim, with storage compartments
5C0 Body measures: Without special body measures
5D1 Carrier frequency for remote control: Carrier frequency 433.92 to 434.42 Mhz, 20020101-20181231
5E6 Sill top/sill cover: Sill top with door cover
5J0 Rear spoiler: Without rear spoiler, -20161231
5K5 Paint preservation/transport protection: Transportation protective film (instead of paint preservation), -20061231
5ME Inserts: Vavona wood insert in Amber, high-gloss
5RU Right exterior mirror: Right exterior mirror, convex (large viewing field)
5SL Left exterior mirror: Left exterior mirror, aspherical
6E3 Center armrest: Center armrest in front
6FB Components with special surface: exterior mirror housing in colour of vehicle, -20161231
6M1 Tie down straps/net/pocket: Tie down straps
6PC Hand brake lever: Hand brake lever handle in leather
6Q2 Gearshift knob/gearshift handle: Gearshift knob/handle in leather
6R0 Gearshift boot/gearshift trim: Gearshift boot for automatic transmission
6SS Luggage compartment floor covering: Luggage compartment floor covering
6U0 Additional dust seals: Without additional seals outside
6V1 Rear trim panel: Rear trim panel (ECE)
6W5 License plate carrier in front: License plate carrier in front
6XF Exterior mirror adjustment: Exterior mirrors with memory feature, power-folding/adjustable/heated
7A2 CD changer/CD player: CD changer
7AH Theft protection system: Electronic immobilizer, with anti-theft alarm system, interior monitoring and backup horn
7E6 Thermal energy storage system/auxiliary heater: Electric auxiliary air heater
7K0 Tire pressure monitoring system: Without tyre pressure monitor, -20161231
7M1 Scuff plates: Scuff plates in door apertures with metal inserts
7P1 Lumbar support in backrests: Power-adjustable lumbar support in front seats
7Q2 Navigation system: navigation system with colour screen
7QB CD-ROM/DVD/SD card: CD ROM (Germany)
7X0 Park distance control: Without park distance control, 20010101-
8AY Radios: Radio navigation system
8ED Main headlamps: Bi-functional headlamps with gas discharge lamp, for driving on the right
8GU Alternators: Alternator 140 A
8K0 Headlight activation: Without special headlight control
8N4 Intermittent windshield wiper control/ light/rain sensor: Windshield wiper intermittent control with potentiometer (four speeds)
8Q3 Headlight range control: Dynamic headlight range control (self-adjusting while driving)
8RY Loudspeaker installation: Speakers with BOSE sound
8T1 cruise control system: Cruise control system (CCS)
8TC rear fog lamp: Rear fog lamp for driving on the right
8X1 Headlamp washer system: Headlamp washer system
8Z5 Engine cooling: not hot country, 20020101-20161231
9AK Heating system/air conditioning system: Climatronic with impact pressure control, CFC-free
9B0 Telepay device/toll system: Without telepay device, -20161231
9M1 Auxiliary heater: Parking heater
9NX Tachograph/driver's logbook: Without electronic logbook
9P0 Seat belt reminder: without press button buckle with warning contact
9Q2 Multi-function display/trip computer: Multi-function display/trip computer with check control
9ZJ Telephone/telematics: Car phone installation, 20020101-
A00 Self pick-up/special control: No self-collection
A8S Equipment lines: Standard equipment
B01 Type-approval testing countries/ countries with specific requirements: Type approval country Germany
B0A Part set for country-specific prescriptive standards: build parts set without county specific documentatio, -20161231
C20 General operating license additions: Operating permit, alteration
CL7 Wheels: Alloy wheels 8J x 18 9-spoke design, ET 43, -20101231
E0A Special editions: Without special action equipment, -20161231
F0A Vehicle specifications: No special purpose vehicle, standard equipment
FA0 Control of production/pre-production: Control of series production
FC1 Customized installation: Customized installation
FQ1 Audi Sport/ Quattro GmbH: Wheels of Audi Sport/ Quattro GmbH, -20151231
G0Q Transmission specification: 5-speed automatic transmission for four-wheel drive
H2U tire: 235/40 ZR18 tyres, -20101231
J1G batteries: Battery 450 A (92 Ah)
K8D Body forms: Wagon/Avant
L0L Steering system setup: Left-hand drive
MR1 Engine specification: 6-cyl. diesel engine 2.5 l/132 kW (24V) TDI with fuel distributor injection pump base engine is T1K/T5T, -20201231
N1H seat covers: Seat trim covers in leather
NT0 Transport protection: Transit coating (type 1)
P24 multifunctional leather-covered steeringwheel, four spokes, with gear-shifting features, 20020101-20021231
PAA trailer towing hitch
PDG insulating glass
PDW anti-theft system with interior movementmonitoring and back-up horn, -20021231
PK1 auxiliary heating/ventilation, -20051231
PLD Buffalino leather
PNB navigation system Plus (RNS 4.1), 20020101-20021231
PQW cast aluminium alloy wheels 8Jx18, 9-spoke design, with tyres 235/40 R 18, 20020101-20021231
PSH seat heating for the front and rear seats, -20021231
PT3 D-network/GSM 900 Nokio 6091 car phone with centre armrest
PWF bumpers and door sill covers painted in body colour, -20021231
PX4 xenon Plus headlights, -20021231
Q1D Front seats: Sports front seats
QA0 Child seats: without child seat, -20181231
QH0 Voice control system/voice control: without voice control
QV0 TV reception/digital radio reception: Without TV reception/digital radio reception
T5T Base engine: 6-cylinder diesel engine 2.5 l unit 059.B
U2B Dashboard inserts: Instrument cluster with km/h speedometer, radio clock, tachometer, trip odometer and additional instruments
V0A Tire suppliers: Tires without specification of tire brand
VC0 Garage door opener: without Garage door opener, -20161231
VJ1 Bumper systems: bumper reinforced, -20181231
VX0 Voice enhancer: Without voice enhancer
VY0 Danger alarm system: Without danger alarm system, -20161231
WS1 front sports seats
WV6 front seats with memory, -20021231

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